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Mystery shopping is one of those rare fun ways to make money. You get to shop and get paid for it. The only problem with mystery shopping is actually finding a legitimate mystery shopping company to work for. Mystery shopping has been bombarded with scams of all kind, specially in the past few years. Many people have become victims of these mystery shopping scams and instead of making money lost money.
That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to share my finding. So, after some research I have found about 10 companies that are well-known and trusted research companies that many big businesses use for conducting market research. With that said, here are 10 legitimate mystery shopping companies you can work for:

Beyond Hello  Beyond Hello specializes in mystery shopping and provides additional services that help clients measure their customers’ experiences.
Certified Reports, Inc. (CRI)  They evaluate theater and everything related to it, like Seating Capacity, Sneak Previews, Audience Reaction, Lobby and etc.
A Closer Look, Inc.   A company that documents guest feedback and specializes in the hospitality industry like restaurant, hotel, health club, spa and healthcare industry, like dental, medical markets. Your assignments can be found on their website.
A&A Merchandising Ltd  It is a marketing services company that specializes in retail merchandising, channel and back office corporate programs.
AboutFace   Anyone over the age of 18 may become a shopper. Pays all shoppers via PayPal.
Greet America, Inc.  If you are dependable and a hard worker, join the professional Greet America team as an independent contractor. They provide On-line training sessions for those who are new to mystery shopping or wish to learn more.
All-Star Customer Service In  An award wining mystery shopping company. project includes Shops in retail, banking, sales, hospitality, apartments, restaurants and other industries. Online training too. Site has listing of available jobs.
Ardent Services   Provides comprehensive evaluation services including Customer Service, Merchandise Integrity, Store Standards, Competitor Performance Comparison, Competitor Price Comparison, Associate Integrity and Associate Morale.
A Top Shop   Most shops pay $10-20 per hour. Some shops include benefits such as reimbursement for meals, movie tickets, merchandise, hotel stays, etc.
Confero The Service Resources Group   Focuses on Retail, grocery, and automotive shops.
Please be careful when looking for mystery shopping work, so you don’t become another victim of mystery shopping scams. The best tip I can give you to help you stay away from secret shopper scams is that no legitimate mystery shopping company will ever charge you a registration fee or ask you to send them money. All legit mystery shopping companies are 100% free to join.
If you know of any legitimate mystery shopping company, please feel free to leave a comment and I will add it to the list. Good luck in making money as a mystery shopper.

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