Online Money Making Scams

Scam or fraud has made everyone to remain cautious everywhere. Internet world is also not secure with the presence of such kind of elements. Internet scammers can be anywhere in chat rooms, message boards, fake advertisements and websites etc. There are many types of internet scamming through which any lay man who don't know much about it, can become an easy prey of scamming schemes. Here I will be trying to highlight some of these types:
1. Email Scam
2. Freelance Scam
3. e-Business Scam
1. Email Scam:

This type of scam can be categorized in two ways:
i. Phishing Scam:

Any well known organization may become a victim of this type of scam. Their clients are targeted by the scammers through sending fake emails. Emails may contain any fake website link of an organization/institution leading to a web based form to get personal information, email attachment etc. Innocent clients, visit those websites, fills the form or download the attachment and transfer all their personal information like bank account number, credit card number, phone number, identity etc. to the scammers and after knowing the truth they suffer and only curse themselves for what they have done.  
ii. Lottery Scam:

The easiest way for scammers to trap internet users is to send them a message that you have won a big prize amount. The message may appear as a pop-up window when you are visiting a website or through email.

Online Lottery Scam

Hoe to avoid Email Scam:

- Never respond the fake emails having some links, Trojan files etc.- Don't pay attention to any pop-up ads or emails having some prize winning notifications.

2. Freelance Scam:

Freelance world also contain elements like scam artists and independent freelance contractors. The question is that how to recognize them? How to avoid them? I have listed answers to some of these questions below.  
Recognizing Scam Artists:

- They charge some amount at first to give information about the contract through mail or by other means.-They demand some advance fee before providing contract details.
-They try to get your personal information like bank accounts, credit cards etc.
-Instead of directly paying them ,they use other methods (third party) for advance payment.

How to avoid Scam Artists:

- Don't give initial payments to any freelance employer until you will not get the contract information. - Never give your personal information in any case. Use only your identification number or business name like Employer/Employee Identification Number (for which you have to apply first).

3. e-Business Scam:

MLM scam is increasing day by day and spoiling the image of such an easy and comfortable way of marketing business. Two most common schemes of MLM version of scam are:
i. Pyramid Scheme:

In this type of scheme, the company offers distributors a lot of profit by doing some investments for the company. Actually they don't have any product for sale through which commissioned amount is given to the distributors or if they have some product they offer to purchase these products and after that they disappear from the scene without giving any commission. They only try to get money in the name of investment from new distributors.

Pyramid Schemes - A Reality

ii. Ponzi Scheme:

It is similar to the above scheme, the only difference is that company uses the the money which they got from the new distributors, to pay those members who are working with them for a long time. And sometimes they pay very little amount to the distributor as commission, irrespective of their promises and commitments.
How to avoid e-Business Scam:

Don't get such contract which: -Requires some amount to invest first.
- Hasn't shown any product.
- Shows too many attractive offers or benefits that sound too good to be true.

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